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If you would like to help test the new BETA PGN viewer - and the board that will eventually be the board used on all Chess Tempo pages - please try the PGN Viewer BETA version.

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PGN Viewer

Chess Tempo's PGN viewer is Javascript code which allows you to either view PGN format games on the Chess Tempo site, or embed the viewer into your own website. The viewer should currently be considered Beta quality. There may be some legal PGN forms that it chokes on (please send me any PGN files it has trouble displaying) and it may misbehave on pages with unusual (or as yet untested) layouts.

Read about how to use the PGN Viewer on your own web page. Or see examples of the PGN Viewer in action.

Features in current version

  • Multiple games per PGN file
  • Multiple boards per page
  • PGN comments/annotations
  • Recursive Annotation Variations (i.e. alternative lines)
  • FEN tag supported for arbitrary starting positions
  • Support for subset of Numerical Annotation Glyphs (NAGs, e.g. ? !?)
  • Multiple board size and piece styles
  • Option for automatically playing through all game moves
  • Alternative move display formats
  • CSS controlled layout
  • Animated piece moves
  • Optional Row and column labels
  • Drag and drop piece moves (to make next move in game)
  • Optional Highlighting of from/to squares
  • Optional Highlighting of valid squares when dragging pieces
  • Display of taken pieces
  • Read moves from PGN file on server or embed PGN directly into webpage

Features to be added in future versions

  • Crosstable support
  • Visual hints such as move direction arrows etc
  • Record moves mode with PGN output
  • Allow embedded board snapshots in move display
  • Configurable Board flipping (current version auto-flips if first mover is black).


John Syer has been kind enough to contribute the following improvements to the PGN Viewer:
  • Taken Piece Display.
  • Optional display of game details fields.
  • Incremental game loading to avoid blocking UI when loading large game sets.